t shirts

As our Kickstarter campaign heats up – about 1/3 of the way there with 16 days to go – we are rolling out more rewards.

Besides, new T-shirts, we now have the following rewards:

  • A home Automation System! Sponsored by Control4, we are offering an entry-level home automation system. Specifically, it is the HC-250 with the Control4 app. Yes, installation is included.control4 touchscreen

  • Air Purifiers! Worried about allergies and indoor air quality? Worry no more with the award winning BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier by our partner, RabbitAir. This system takes pollutants and allergens out of your indoor air, leaving nothing but clean air in return.RabbitAir

  • WaybasicsEco-Friendly Organizers! Get organized by using healthy, sustainable & eco-friendly organizing boxes by our partner Way Basics. Made from lightweight yet strong, eco friendly, formaldehyde and toxin free material. Each set of 6 – one foot wide/deep/tall cubes can be organized in any way you want, to provide a creative and beautiful way of putting all your “stuff” in order.

  • Build Your House To Be More Energy Efficient and Less Expensive! Have the plans to your new home evaluated by Ekotrope who will share with you efficient, accurate ways to compare the cost and performance of a home design’s energy-related components (such as windows, insulation, mechanical equipment, lighting, solar). Ekotrope will help you to optimize building cost and annual energy savings.Ekotrope

  • Beautify Using Eco-friendly Products! Green Koala will provide you with a gift basket filled with earth-friendly full-size creams, lotions and other beauty products.Green Koala

  • Beautify Using Eco-friendly Services! Verde Salon will provide you with a full conditioning hair treatment and blow-dry at their sustainably-built location.Verde Salon

And if you were wondering: yes, if you have already contributed you can upgrade your contribution to nab one of the latest prizes.

Take a look at some of the other rewards and spread the word about us and all that we are trying to do. It is easy by clicking here: http://bit.ly/BTWMagazine