A Healthy Home. Many of us aspire to have one, but let’s be honest: It can be a tough concept to truly pin down. Is it one that runs on wind or solar energy? Is it dusted and cleaned thrice daily? Is one filled primarily with recycled or reclaimed furnishings? These are the kind of questions we at BTW Magazine ponder daily, given our mission to promote homes that are good for both our readers to live in and for the earth.

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So on October 1st at Boston’s District Hall, we’ll be joining BostonEco, along with a group of other eco-conscious companies to showcase and promote new ideas about what makes a healthy home. BostonEco, a networking community for Bostonians who are passionate about eco-living and sustainability, aims to help the public get inspired, collaborate, and learn ways toward a healthier way of living—with everything from energy assessments and all-natural paints to non-toxic cleaning methods.

As for BTW, we’ll be there giving away our latest issue to all attendees, along with a chance to win a year subscription of our magazine, and celebrating our first-ever Kickstarter campaign. Along the way, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with organizations like these:

Next Step Living: If you have your home energy assessment in Massachusetts, odds are good you’ve had the pleasure of working with Next Step Living. Since 2008, NSL has made been making it “affordable and rewarding for homeowners to implement energy-saving solutions.” They work with over 400 municipalities, civic organizations, and leading corporations on environmentally friendly solutions like home energy evaluations, weatherization work, roofing and windows, heating and cooling, and solar panel installation.

ZeroEnergyDesign: One of Boston’s leading full-service modern green architecture and mechanical design firms, ZED works on new construction and major renovations of green home projects pursuing exceptional energy performance. They provide energy consulting and HVAC design to achieve energy performance targets like Passive House, Deep Energy Retrofit, and much more. (Check them out in the Winter 2013 issue of BTW.)

Green City Growers: A non-profit that transforms unused spaces into thriving urban farms, these guys & gals provide their clients with immediate access to nutritious food, all while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency. They offer education to local towns to help children to better understand where their food comes from.

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.: Back in 1974, a group of reproduction furniture builders were looking to create an authentic finish for their products. In the process they invented an all-natural paint that’s become popular because it doesn’t hurt the environment. Attendees of the event will receive a free sample of one of their 20 “green” paints (don’t worry; they aren’t all 20 shades of green).

Interested in joining us for the event? Register right here.

We can’t wait to see you on Oct 1st!

-The BTW Magazine Team