Chimney Pillows

chimney pillowsGot a fireplace?  Then chances are you’re losing heat in the winter, even when the flue is closed.  Most fireplace flues don’t quite close all the way, and the repeated heating and cooling of the flue can make matters worse over time.

There’s a solution to this, and it’s inexpensive and effective—the chimney pillow, also known as a chimney balloon or chimney firestopper.  This little device can almost be called “cute”, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Top 4 reasons you should buy and install a chimney pillow:
  • It stops drafty air, odors, and debris from entering your home.
  • It prevents heat from escaping.
  • It has a handy tag to remind you that it’s installed, and if you forget and light a fire anyway, the chimney pillow automatically deflates.
  • Installation is quick and easy, and removing it is even easier.
What do you need to know before you buy one?

You’ll need to get the right size—and that’s simple:

  • Measure the length and depth of the location within the flue where you will be installing a chimney pillow.
  • Order a chimney pillow that is up to 6 inches larger in either dimension than your measured opening.
  • The location for the chimney pillow should be an area that is not interfered with by the damper flap or other hardware.
  • Your chimney pillow should have at least 6″ in height of parallel or slightly sloping walls with sufficient texture for the balloon to grab and lodge in during inflation.
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