Energy Audit

If you are unsure about where to start when trying to lower your energy bills, or doing some home improvement projects, then it is time to get an energy audit.  An energy audit will identify the biggest opportunities to make your home more healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient.

It will also connect you to a long list of rebates and incentives that will actually pay you to get this work done. And even better, in many places energy audits are actually free, so now is the time to get one! Prepare for your audit by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Home Energy Assessment.

Which tests are preformed during an energy audit?

Thermal Scan

Picture 5-resized-600Did you ever want to look through your walls and see what is really going on? Guess what? You can! Using an infrared camera, you can actually see where your home is leaking air, where you have insulation and more importantly, where you don’t.

Blower Door Test

Picture 3If you want to check for leaks, the way to do it is by using a blower door. This device allows you to de-pressurize your house, so you can accurately detect where your expensive, conditioned air is getting out and how to stop it.

Combustion Test

combustion-test-kits-resized-600.jpegThe largest bill for most folks is their heating bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the efficiency of your equipment? You can with a combustion test.

Health/Safety Test

10242225-the-new-health-safety-digital-test-protect-kit-resized-600.jpegHVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment can present its own list of challenges in terms of both safety and maintaining a healthy home. That is why a few simple tests, like measuring carbon monoxide levels should be carried out to minimize danger.

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