This Falmouth home became a certified Passive House in July of 2011, making it the second passive house in Massachusetts. Steven Baczek, the primary architect of the project, has worked on a number of LEED Platinum and Zero Energy Homes in his 20 years of experience.

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The project featured the work of general contractor Charlie Crovo, carpenter Chris Ahrens, and Mike Duclos, the certified Passive House consultant.

The home’s hardwood floors are reclaimed from old mill buildings, the countertops are natural soapstone, paints are all zero VOC, the insulation is all recycled, and the landscaping is a large organic garden of non-invasive, native plantings.


Architect Steve Baczek has several areas of concern when it comes to building a Passive House: Mechanical systems (HVAC equipment); windows and doors; air sealing; and insulation. “Those are the four major components that either breed success or failure,” he says.


The 2,000-square-foot East Falmouth home sits on six acres of land.  It features 17-inch thick walls, three different types of insulation, and custom triple-pane windows. The home underwent extensive testing during the construction process to locate and eliminate any leakage.

Photos by: David Wells Photography