Located in Concord, MA this green home was designed by ZeroEnergy Design, a local Boston firm specializing in energy efficient, sustainable homes. The homeowner stressed the importance of a healthy home—she placed the highest priority on indoor air quality.

Concord Green Home 01

Additional goals for the home included “seamless integration into its historic setting, meeting Not So Big House principles because of the site’s modest footprint, and minimizing energy used by the home to lighten its carbon footprint.”

Concord Green Home 03

ZED’s holistic approach to design was a natural fit for meeting the project’s health goals since allergies and chemical sensitivities can be impacted by materials selected during the process of designing, building and furnishing a home. ZED worked together with Aedi Construction and K Tharp Design to select materials that do not emit irritating gases.

Concord Green Home 08

ZED designed a radiant heating system for the living areas on the first level, while the bedrooms on the second level received hot water radiators. To complement the hydronic heating, an energy recovery ventilator with HEPA filteration provides a constant supply of fresh outdoor air.

Concord Green Home 16

The first floor home office offers a lovely park view to the north. It can also be converted to serve as an ADA accessible bedroom for an elderly or disabled guest or future homeowner.

Concord Green Home 23

The first floor bathroom is ADA accessible and perfectly complements the study that can be used as a bedroom.

Concord Green Home 21

ZED used its energy modeling to prioritize cost-effective improvements such as additional insulation, higher-performance windows, and an efficient heating system.

Concord Green Home 17

Each room in the house includes windows on at least two walls—ensuring two natural light sources and optimal cross ventilation. The overall design is Energy Star Certified to consume 50% less energy than a typical brand new home.

Concord Green Home 28

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