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This coastal New England home acts as a private vacation spot for the homeowners. With a colorful gable and a striking interior, it’s hard to imagine this couple doesn’t live here year round.

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The structure (a project of ZeroEnergy Design) is also a Passive House, and uses about one tenth of the energy a conventional home uses. The owners had seen their fair share of leaky, inefficient homes, and were adamant about creating and maintaining a healthy home. So they emphasized a desire for features like a very small heating system, reinforced by super-insulated walls, air sealing, high performance windows, and solar gain. This combination keeps the 1,200-square-foot home at a consistently comfortable temperature.

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The size of the house was ideal for the family’s vacation needs, and the use of the space is remarkable. There are two bedrooms, two baths, a children’s play loft accessible through a ladder, a dining/kitchen area, and an airy family room. There’s even a spot to relax outside on the patio and take in the landscape.

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The aesthetic inside is perfectly aligned with the straightforwardness of the home. The striking red gable on the exterior is mirrored in the living room and kitchen, and adds to a spirited atmosphere. The white walls make the understated color palettes pop, and the rush of sunlight in each room is never unwelcome. The entirety of this home gives off a minimalist vibe, without ever being boring.

Photo credit: Greg Premru