This 125-year-old structure resides in the heart of Cambridge, boasting a traditional New England style. The new homeowners were concerned that the traditional home would clash with their modern, new age preference. When architect Steven Baczek agreed to renovate the home, he got to work on how to give the interior a complete makeover, while wasting as little material as possible.


During the renovation process, the construction crew was left with a pile of building materials from the original structure. Despite the homeowners’ hesitancy, Baczek convinced them that these resources could be repurposed, to save on new materials.


The wood used to make the island in the kitchen, the family room accent wall, and the upstairs barn-style doors, along with a few benches in the mudroom, were all created from portions of the old roof frame. And the bricks shown in front of the sliding doors leading to the backyard? They came from the old chimney.

The house, like all of our “Houses of the Week,” has noteworthy eco-friendly features, including an enhanced insulation package.  The windows are triple glazed, and the appliances are all Energy Star rated. The water fixtures are all high efficiency, and the plumbing is stacked vertically to limit the pipe material from the water heater.


The bathroom of this home, as well as the kitchen floor plan and the living room, exudes a much more contemporary aesthetic after the renovation. The white walls with the wooden accents are far from the traditional theme the homeowners wanted to avoid. The stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and the unusual square tub add to the cutting-edge feel of the interior.

So in the end, not only did this modern couple save on renovation costs, they ended up with a very interesting and remarkable story about how the original home gave their current home new life.

Images: David Wells