Thirty blogs in thirty days. THIRTY blogs in THIRTY days! It was an audacious goal, but I actually made it (more or less). Yes, I wrote 30 blogs. But it took longer than 30 days; maybe it should have been 30 blogs in 40 days. Next time. Next time is more likely to be more regular blogging on my part, particularly on subjects like yesterday’s: the world of contracting and why it is so, um, dysfunctional, stressful, mysterious, and un-fun.


(This is a good time to mention that the continuation of yesterday’s blog about the economics of contracting will be ready in less than a week. I promise.)

In the first blog, I wrote about the past that led to BTW. In this blog I want to address its future. Meaning, what BTW is trying to do and how you can help.

In a nutshell, BTW wants to be the dominant source for information on healthy, sustainable, energy-efficient, and beautiful homes. Americans do about 20 million home improvement projects a year, which range in scope from a full gut renovation to putting in a new front door (the actual definition is a project at least $1,000 in value). Every single one of these projects, from the smallest to the largest, could be done in a way that is healthier and more sustainable, if only people knew the how, the why, and the what. BTW is here to provide the how, why, and what…and also information about the money you can get from the government, utility companies, municipalities, and other sources that can help you pay for the upgrades.

On top of this, between a half million to one million new homes are constructed each year. BTW wants to make sure that each one is more sustainable and healthier.

In more specific terms, here is what we want to do in the near term to achieve our goals:

  • Expand the reach and size of our magazine by going from 44 pages to 96 pages, and increasing our circulation from 100,000 to 200,000.
  • Upgrade to handle more content and traffic.
  • Launch BTWradio to include podcasts and the BTWstore to sell healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient products.
  • Drive traffic to our site and subscribers to our magazine using paid advertising techniques.
  • Successfully launch a crowd-funding campaign (a Kickstarter project) to raise the funds we need.

And it’s on that final point where you all come in. To keep BTW going and to hit our aspirational goals in about a month, we’re going to be “passing the hat” to raise $25,000 and we would really appreciate your support. In fact, you can see a preview of our campaign here.  And I make a promise, if you throw some money into the hat, I’ll keep on writing my blogs. Maybe not 30 blogs in 30 days… but would you settle for 15 blogs in 30 days?

Thank you for all the support!